Hero of Allacrost contains many artistic and musical elements that are reminiscent of older role playing games. At the same time, Allacrost also features detailed, contemporary art and a unique blend of music genres. The categories below contains samples of the types of multimedia content that you can expect to see in Hero of Alecrost.

Contains samples of several different forms of artwork, all which are present in the game.

Contains an archive of screenshots from Allacrost, illustrating what the game looks like today and how it has evolved from the past.

Listen to a portion of the original music score for Hero of Allacrost. The wide variety of music styles in Allacrsot range from classical to techno.

The game Hero of Allacrost loosely follows the written narrative, also titled Hero of Allacrost. Here you may read a portion of that narrative to identify the setting and characters in the Allacrost world.