Related Projects
The Allacrost project has maintained relationships with numerous other open source endeavors throughout the years.


Valyria Tear
Valyria Tear is another open source and free-to-play JRPG project. VT is built upon the Allacrost engine, making this project a relative of Hero of Allacrost. A few Allacrost team members have also contributed to VT, and the two projects share assets and new features as development continues on both projects.

Frogatto & Friends
Frogatto is a beautiful open source platformer designed by some of the most experienced people in the open source game development community. Principal artists and composers of Allacrost have also made their mark on Frogatto.

Battle for Wesnoth
Wesnoth is a very popular open source game that has been around for years. Wesnoth served as inspiration upon the founding of Allacrost. Some of Allacrost's core members came from the Wesnoth community.


Listed here are the websites for our most distinguished artists, musicians, and others.

Ryan Reilly (Rain) - Soundcloud
Ryan has composed most of the music for Allacrost as well as some other open source projects. Check out his SoundCloud page for various other pieces he has composed, including some alternative Allacrost tracks.

Aaron Steele (Safir-Kreuz) - DeviantArt
Aaron served as the primary pixel artist on Allacrost in the project's early days and defined the game's artistic style. He has a wide range of artistic talents and styles on display at his DeviantArt page.


Allacrost would not be possible without the various software, services, and support that our project is built upon.


SDL Library
The Allacrost game engine is built upon the popular cross-platform and open source SDL library.
One of the best sources out there of open license content. Allacrost utilizes many of the sounds and artwork from this site, as well as contributing some of our own original works back to it.