Moving to a New Home

Submitted by Roots on Wed, 06/10/2015 - 08:05

You may have heard of the latest scandals and tribulations with the site, which has been a reliable service for our project since our earliest days. This news greatly upset me and caused grave concern about using their services. It's a shame, but it is clear that this hosting service has long since lost their way and can no longer be a trusted partner for us. As such, we are in the progress of migrating all of our code and release files to a new home and will eventually shut the doors on our sourceforge project page indefinitely.

After doing some research, we've decided to move to for hosting of both our code repository and release files, including past releases. Additionally, the site supports a free issue tracker that we're going to experiment with. We'll likely retire our old issue tracker as a result. This tracker was used well for a few years, but it hasn't been maintained due to time constraints and most of the issues reported there are so old they are no longer relevant. Finally, as a part of this move we'll be migrating the code to new version control software. Subversion has served us well over the years, but has fallen out of favor and many hosting services do not support it (including BitBucket). We've decided to transition to Mercurial, which is similar to the popular Git, but is easier to learn and has a superior user interface. This ease of use was the critical factor in our decision, as we don't want to alienate those who aren't already experienced git users from being able to contribute to this project.

The new project page for Allacrost on BitBucket can be found here: . It currently is very minimalistic and the code hasn't been uploaded here yet. By the time the next release is available though, this page should be complete and fully functional.

These moving pains have unfortunately caused some delay in publishing our development release by a couple weeks, as we need to complete this migration prior to uploading the release files. The release should still become available sometime this month and we're very, very close to having it ready. I'll also be uploading a complete play through of the release to our youtube channel once it's ready, so that those without the inclination or time to download, install, and play through the game themselves can still see what's new and get a sense of the state of the game. All of these developments should happen by the end of this month.