February Status - Back on Target

Submitted by Roots on Fri, 02/13/2015 - 01:47

With the editor redesign complete, focus is shifting back to working on creating the content needed to complete this release. The new editor is immediately being put to work to create new maps, and it's new capabilities are greatly expediting the map creation process. Here's a couple screenshots showing what is to be our largest and most complex map ever created. A link to an album containing more screenshots follows. This map is still very much incomplete and is only in the drafting stages, but it is the best visible progress that this release has seen in a long time.

Allacrost Capital Map Drafts

I'd like to make a development release happen soon, ideally by the end of the month. The editor needs to be made available to more than just those with the time and interest to download and compile the code, particularly since we are still hoping to find a game designer who will focus on creation of maps and other game content. It will also serve as further proof that this project is alive and well again, even with our limited team. Below is a visual that illustrates just how large of a gap there has been since the last time that development on Allacrost was (briefly) active. Steam continues to pick up, and I feel increasingly confident that we can make an official release happen by July.