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Other Games You've Worked On

Share your own game ideas, inform the community about your own works in progress, or appraise of other yet-to-be released games.

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Other Games You've Worked On

Post by alenacat » Thu Jun 08, 2006 7:11 am

Before I came to work on this project I worked on a few others. Tell your stories here.

A few years back I agreed to work on a Futurama fan adventure game, although none of the work I produced was deemed good enough, and the team manager didn't have a very adept aesthetic eye and okayed scenes with perspective errors all over the place. I actually considered him a friend though and the script was so funny so I didn't mind working on it in the short amount of time it was going.

Another game, I was asked to do some pixel art and the guy ignored 5 of my emails. I googled him to find some very strange stuff.

Another one, the guy who was running the project shut down the whole thing because of me it seemed. His girlfriend had a problem with him talking to women online. That was pretty similar to this except aimed to be a mmporg.

When I was at school I made all kinds of games with klik n play and games factory. I never made any animated sprites for them though. Just didn't have the patience back then.
The ones I'll remember the most involved killing my brother in various ways. Aw, sibling <3 and a lot of virtual pet simulators.

This is by far the best project I've been involved in with some very competent game-industry standard people. Also leadership behind it with a clear vision and dedicated staff willing to teach improvement rather than compete all the time.
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Re: Other Games You've Worked On

Post by Roots » Thu Jun 08, 2006 9:04 am

alenacat wrote:Another one, the guy who was running the project shut down the whole thing because of me it seemed. His girlfriend had a problem with him talking to women online. That was pretty similar to this except aimed to be a mmporg.
:eyebrow: Wow, that guy was totally whipped :heh:
alenacat wrote: The ones I'll remember the most involved killing my brother in various ways. Aw, sibling <3 and a lot of virtual pet simulators.
alenacat wrote: This is by far the best project I've been involved in with some very competent game-industry standard people. Also leadership behind it with a clear vision and dedicated staff willing to teach improvement rather than compete all the time.
Nice to hear that we've been better than those other projects you've worked on. :D

As for myself, Allacrost is my first game. I've never worked on any other game project. :cool:
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Post by MindFlayer » Thu Jun 08, 2006 10:09 am

There are surprisingly few games I have actually worked on with (okay, I've done zillions of K&P games but they don't really count do they :))

I'll start from what I consider my best works so far:

Kingdom of Chaos
-A simple 2D e-mail fantasy strategy game with different races and units
-Working random map generator which was quite cool actually!
-No battles or city building was ever finished - only unit training and some basic movement
This project was eventually abandoned because the code was getting too spaghettized, I was the only one doing anything for it (design+graphics+coding) and the last year of senior high-school took way too much of my free time.

[img:400:300]http://www.allacrost.org/staff/user/min ... hugrah.png[/img]
-A simple 2D game engine that was designed to be used in a RPG-game (which was never started because I joined this project instead! :heh:)
-Some technical details: SVN version controlled, cross-platform (tested on Linux&Win), SDL, OpenGL, OO C++ & boost, simple AI
-I did all of the code alone. The graphics above are only placeholder art

Vilge - Viljami's Game/Graphics Engine
[img:319:240]http://www.allacrost.org/staff/user/min ... /vilge.png[/img]
-Not actually a game but another work I'm proud so here it goes.
-a basic 3D game engine
-C++, Direct3D 8
-Quake3 BSP map loader
-Quake2 MD2 model loader with smoooth animation :heh:

Clickomania game
[img:400:300]http://www.allacrost.org/staff/user/min ... clicko.png[/img]
-Extremely simple 2D game that took me about 6 hours to write. But it's a game finished :) and I did it with the previous Rrrhugrah 2D engine just for fun.

[img:326:166]http://www.allacrost.org/staff/user/min ... /marko.png[/img]
-A simple but extremely violent and mentally sick roguelike-game (== ASCII RPG)
-I did it in 1998-1999 in Pascal. If anyone's hungry for spaghetti, drop me a line! :D

I gotta agree with alenacat that this project has got a lot of potential... Just look at our staff! We've got brilliant musicians and artists right here just waiting for this project to get fully started! And of course there are some good coders as well. :devil: Let's finish this game shall we?
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Post by Ranger M » Thu Jun 08, 2006 11:25 am

Projects that I've been involved in (the links all go the the forums):

Wesnoth (art and campaign contributer):

you all know about wesnoth I think, so there isn't much point describing it.

Spacenoth (artist)

Small offshoot of Wesnoth, not is happening recently unfortunately.

GalaxyMage (art director)

Game with good potential, I should do more work on it, but I am stretched too thin (and often abducted by webcomics, for some reason when I start one I can't stop untill I reach the most recent update :bash: ).

Afelhem (brainstorming, and one piece of art) (you have to register and log in to see most of the forum)

MMORPG, in development, the only non opensource one that I'm involved in, has good potential, and although the two creators are often arguing on the forums, they are only joking with each other (most of them come from the fact that Victor is nasty to people, and Jamie is nice)
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Post by Loodwig » Fri Jun 09, 2006 8:12 pm

Damn, I feel like I brought the 1 inch sausage to work here.

I've worked on 3 games really (the ones I did back when I was a kid don't count), not counting this one.

Prescion (still in progress) - a 2d? tactical sci-fi rpg written in sdl and lua.

Illuminati (on hold for now) - a card game by Steve Jackson. I have the art done, but virtucally none of the core engine. I plan on getting it done once Prescion shows a bit more promise (start what you finish, lood). It is written in Java, using JWS.

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (on hold maybe forever). A cute "choose your own adventure" turned php game. It was running fine on my website until I took it down, broke up with my fiancee, and life sort of hit the crapper real fast. So yeah, I should pick this up and just get it done one of these days.
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Post by Rain » Fri Jun 09, 2006 11:46 pm

Cool Guys!

Allacrost is the first project I started writing music for. Since that time I have started doing a bit of high end indie work and low end professional work in various projects.

I wrote some music for a game called Jooleem, which is a puzzle game.


I am also working on music for an old school space shooter.


There are some others but they aren't far enough in development to warrant any kind of info.
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Post by Jetryl » Sat Jun 10, 2006 2:51 am

I work on wesnoth. woot.
I work on allacrost. woot II (the sequel!).

I tried making some other games before wesnoth, but they failed miserably (mostly because I didn't know how to draw, and my coding force-of-will was weak).

I briefly worked on http://www.themanaworld.org, because a friend of mine from college was also working there (as did neorice), but all of us left because that project is horribly mismanaged, and the lead coder is both extremely lazy, and rather inept. I've recommended said friend to Allacrost, but he's a bit of a slacker, and also has some other stuff to take care of in his life. Not much is getting done at manaworld, and I personally consider the project a near-failure. It runs, but has no content and never will be able to build it.
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Post by AntonyCoder » Mon Sep 11, 2006 9:57 am

Worked on a couple of high profile games.

Lead network coder on Dawn of Fantasy

[img:640:446]http://www.eurogamer.net/assets/article ... creen9.jpg[/img]

[img:640:447]http://www.eurogamer.net/assets/article ... creen5.jpg[/img]

And a garagegame spotlight game that never saw the light of day.

Full Metal Conflict.
Lead coder and Creator.
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Post by Maeglin Dubh » Mon May 14, 2007 12:30 am

Mostly policing on Wesnoth, some concept and such on Spacenoth, helped a bit with Gerband, and am starting tomorrow (well, at 1:32 am, later today) on art for the Imperial Era of Wesnoth.
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Post by byaku » Mon May 14, 2007 2:10 pm

Well, Hoa has been my first game. There was also a period I had to make not a game, but it really looks like one. I had to do at work a regata simulator for a museum, where 0 to 6 people can actually play. This was done because now we have here in Valencia the America's Cup. Here you have some screenshoots:

[img:512:384]http://allacrost.org/staff/user/byaku/i ... egata1.jpg[/img]
[img:512:384]http://allacrost.org/staff/user/byaku/i ... egata2.jpg[/img]
[img:512:384]http://allacrost.org/staff/user/byaku/i ... egata3.jpg[/img]

You can play it in the CAC (science museum) of valencia :). In there it is mounted in a stereo system and projected on a big screen, so you can "feel it" in 3D.
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Post by gorzuate » Mon May 14, 2007 3:15 pm

That is so awesome! I wanna play... :heh:
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Post by jsmith71 » Mon May 14, 2007 10:56 pm

Awesome! Looks like some really advanced stuff people have worked on here. :heh:

I've done a fair amount of work for various small projects in the indie RPG community (graphics and music mostly), most recently the soundtrack for Major Arcana, a tarot-based RPG currently in development-- The devlog can be found here:

I've also worked on a full-length, completed action RPG called Lynn's Legacy-- I did everything pertaining to the story/manuscript, graphics, music, sound, and dungeon design, while a friend (and rather amazing coder), cha0s, handled all aspects of coding/scripting, and tool development etc.
Despite a lot of the later sections being rushed due to various reasons, I'm very proud of it, as well as the fact that it's completed at all. It'd definitely look good on a resume if I were ever to pursue anything beyond indie game development. ;)
It can be found here:

I'm currently collaborating with another coder friend on an RPG I've wanted to do for years; it was the first game I attempted to create ages ago, and if it gets underway this time I'll be very happy. (It's been through roughly three different iterations with different coders, graphic styles, plot changes, etc.) It's sort of my 'big project' that I would give almost anything to get off the ground. :p

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Re: Other Games You've Worked On

Post by Brian » Wed Dec 24, 2008 11:57 am

I worked on the game CellZenith released last fall by Faramix Enterprises. Here's the site:

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Re: Other Games You've Worked On

Post by Viliam » Sat Apr 18, 2009 1:13 pm

My contributions to games were mostly translations.

The largest work was on Battle for Wesnoth, it took a few years... first I was translating the complete game to Slovak, later when other translators joined I became coordinator of Slovak and Esperanto translations, recently I convinced someone else to coordinate, and I retired.

Other games were usually just one weekend's worth when I felt like I should do something useful: Ri-li, Vacuum Magic, GNU Robbo.

I dream about writing my own free game, but so far I have been too lazy to do it. The closest I got to this goal was a four-day competition in writing platform games against my student, and I published the results on SourceForge under GPL. But I was too lazy to continue the work later.
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