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Judgement: my new game

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Judgement: my new game

Post by Roots » Sun Dec 23, 2007 3:24 pm

Starting last evening, I began working on my second game project, a card game called Judgement. I learned of the game through my co-workers at my new job and we play it at lunch nearly every day. Here's the basic rules:

- Each player is dealt X number of cards
- Player chooses two cards to pass to the player on his/her left
- Each player decides how many tricks of the possible X number of plays they will take
- Players make a blind simultaneous bid, and each player's goal is to make =exactly= the number of plays that he/she bid
- Dealer puts down first card. Other players have to match that card's suit if they have a card in that suit. If they don't, they can play any card they want
- Spades trump all other suits. Other suits count for nothing if they do not match the lead suit
- Process repeats for 8 deals (with varying # of cards dealt per deal)
- Points are only scored by making your bid. A successful bid gives you 10 points, + you get one point for each card in your bid
- Winner is the person with the most points after 8 deals

Its a lot of fun because it really requires strategy and you can try and screw over the other player's so they don't make their bids.

I'm doing this as a one-man project and don't intend to get anyone else here involved. I'm also planning to eventually port it into Allacrost as a mini-game at some point. :) The technology I'm using is:

- C++ for main programming language
- QT4 for GUI, graphics
- Lua for scripting (AI personalities will be implemented in Lua)
- Luabind for C++ <=> Lua bindings

Right now I'm just trying to get a basic working prototype out without doing anything too advanced, like localization or network play. Once I do that, I plan to register the project on sourceforge. I'm only planning to release it for Linux, but the code should be portable so once I make the first release, I might see if some people want to port and package it to other OSes.

I'll post back here when I have more to share about it. :)
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