Translation management on transifex

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Translation management on transifex

Post by marcavis » Tue Jul 19, 2011 2:30 am

It's almost bedtime, so sorry if there are some points that aren't quite clear or stuff that I've forgotten to mention.

At frogatto we manage our translations (and translators :D) on Transifex, which allows us to update translations much faster, by using their command-line program to pull the translations stored there.
1) It reduces bureaucracy for translators, as they wouldn't even have to be on the forums to contribute (which is kind of a mixed bag for games - in frogatto we've had a good deal of work done by people we hadn't known, but they tend to not work for as long on it as a forum regular would).
2) Better than 1) is that we don't have to muck around with forum attachments, etc., or giving commit access to one and every translator; It's just a matter of a project maintainer pulling the translations from the site.
3) The coordinators of the translation teams can add more members to help them, which is kind of a corollary to point 1).

Right now is probably not the best time to do too much work on translation, given the current state of development; But we'll leave this topic for discussion on the merits of moving the translation catalogs to transifex.
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