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check-all-the-things and resource leak

Posted: Wed Sep 21, 2016 1:21 am
by shirish
Hi all,

I have a package called check-all-the-things -

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└─[$] aptitude show check-all-the-things                                                                                             
Package: check-all-the-things            
Version: 2016.09.03
State: installed
Automatically installed: no
Priority: optional
Section: devel
Maintainer: Paul Wise <>
Architecture: all
Uncompressed Size: 171 k
Depends: python3
Recommends: python3-argcomplete, python3-magic, python3-netifaces, python3-ptyprocess, afl, appstream, appstream-util, autoconf, autodep8, bfbtester, blhc, bls-standalone, bzip2, cabal-install, clang, clang-tidy, cme | libconfig-model-perl (< 2.063), libconfig-model-dpkg-perl, codespell, complexity, cppcheck, cypher-lint (>= 0.3.4), debmake, deheader, desktop-file-utils, devscripts, libwww-perl, dh-ocaml, ocaml-nox, duck, epubcheck, erlang-syntax-tools, erlang-base, fdupes, flawfinder, flightcrew, fontforge-nox | fontforge, freetype2-demos, gettext, gettext-lint, ghc-mod, golang-go, hardening-includes, hlint, hopenpgp-tools, i18nspector, iwyu, jpeginfo, jsonlint, kwstyle, lacheck, libcroco-tools, libperl-critic-perl, libpod-pom-perl, libxml2-utils, license-reconcile, licensecheck | devscripts (< 2.16.6~), lintex, lintian, lockdep, lua-check, lzip, lzop, moreutils, mp3check, mp3val, oggz-tools, opencollada-tools, opus-tools, p7zip, pep8, perl, libb-lint-perl, php-cli | php5-cli, pmccabe, pngcheck, puppet, puppet-lint, pyflakes, pyflakes3 | pyflakes (< 1.1.0-1), pylint, pylint3, python, python-fontforge, python-debian, python-jpylyzer, python3-bashate | python-bashate, python3-demjson, rpmlint, sharutils, shellcheck, ssl-cert-check, stylish-haskell, unzip, vorbis-tools, xz-utils, yamllint, zzuf 

Suggests: acheck, android-platform-tools-base, cbmc, cdbs, checkmp3, cpants-lint, foodcritic, gendarme, jlint, librejs-cli, lintian4python, lrzip, python3-doc8 | python-doc8, python3-restructuredtext-lint | python-restructuredtext-lint, rzip, xapian-tools
Description: check all of the things!
 This package will help you check all of the things. 
  This package is aimed at checking things that are related to packaging and software development. 
  To find out what kind of things it checks, take a look at the package recommends and data directory. 
 WARNING: At this time it is probably not suitable for running against untrusted directories. 
 WARNING: since it checks so many things the output can be very verbose so don't use it if you don't have time to go through the output to find problems. It is not for the busy, lazy or noise intolerant.

While there are many that need to be fixed, this sounded important hence bringing it to your attention -

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$ cppcheck -j1 --quiet -f .
[src/engine/video/image.cpp:658]: (error) Resource leak: fp
[src/modes/map/map.cpp:350]: (error) When _current_track==_music.size(), _music[_current_track] is out of bounds.
Dunno if you know about it or not.