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Cleaning the forum

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Cleaning the forum

Post by Lordakius » Sat Jul 23, 2016 8:02 am


when i just finished my first pull request I wanted to check the forum a bit for useful things and stuff and realized, a lot of posts are years old and it is very difficult to find the correct topic for a thing.

Maybe it would help to have some people assigned to "clean the forum". I think of looking through e.g. improvement ideas or bug reports (well, stuff like that, yk? ^^) and to put them together in single topics. Dunno if that will work out, but as I said before, with 28k topics it is a bit confusing to look through and it would help to merge problems together and make them easier available imo.

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Re: Cleaning the forum

Post by Roots » Sat Jul 23, 2016 12:46 pm

That's an interesting proposal, but I'm not sure how it would work. I don't want to delete old topics, because I find it very useful to have a full history of conversations. There have been multiple occasions where I went back and read a thread that was over a year old to figure out why we made certain decisions about things.

We try to stick the most important stuff at the top of each forum, such as how to compile on Windows or where to find usable art assets. The topics at the top of a forum are the most recent, and you probably shouldn't be digging into threads older than say a year unless you're curious to read old discussions. But I can see how it can be difficult if you were to search the forums for "map sprite" and you get returned a bunch of different topics, many of which are very old and possibly now irrelevant. :shrug:

One idea we might consider is auto-locking threads that aren't stickied and have reached a certain age with no more replies. But I still find myself sometimes posting on threads from a year ago, because this project tends to have waves of time where we are productive and where things are dormant. It would just make the problem worse if we had to make a new thread about the same thing because the older one was locked.

I'm open to concrete suggestions for improving organizing threads on the forums, but I really want to make sure that such an idea:

1) Can be automated (no one has time to go through the hundreds of different topics, and it's not good use of our time anyway IMO)
2) Doesn't destroy any existing threads or posts
3) Doesn't involve any changes that would require us making even more threads to deal with the system we put in place

If you can think of or find a phpBB module that meets those criteria, please by all means share. Otherwise, my best recommendation is to not bother with threads that are over 2 years old. You can also look for release numbers in the thread topic to see if they apply. Topics that mention anything about a "demo" are far too old. Anything mentioning a release of 0.1.0 or 1.0.0 is good to read (both numbers reference the same release, we just changed our minds to start at 1.0.0 for our initial release instead of 0.1.0).
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