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My user experience / feedback

Postby Winter Knight » Fri Sep 21, 2007 7:51 pm

I have been a developer for KQ RPG for several months. It uses allegro and lua. It had a few problems that I have been gradually working the kinks from. By original design, the game content is intertwined into the code. It is programmed in C, and not particularly well. Global variables in every file, and most with obscure names (although we have been working on doucmenting what the variables are for). Many of the files are in a weird allegro-specific format, called a PACKFILE.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been working on a RPG game engine. I have been writing in C++. I have been using SDL. I was planning to add a lua scripting engine. I was planning to keep the content 100% separated from the code, and use standard formats. And I was going to license everything under the GPL. I think I will just join allacrost instead. You guys thought of everything I did, but before I did.

I played through the demo. I used the debian binary, which says that it is the latest release (svn 858). I have a few things to point out. Most of them you probably already knew.

* Character too slow. Someone suggested running in town, and short bursts in "dangerous" zones. I recommend that, and having a variable game speed adjustment as well. And have a separate game speed adjustment for battles.

* It would be nice to have a game play tutorial. Maybe that will be one of the first things I work on.

* I couldn't find any pages in the wiki regarding writing maps. Artwork and music, but nothing on scripting and such. I looked at the files (maps are written in lua?), and it looks simple enough. Still, if I join, I will probably start with a maps/scripts tutorial. See the tutorial I wrote for the equivalent in KQ: ... urFirstMap

* can't save the game. I'm sure this is a planned feature, but I couldn't find anything in the bug/feature tracker. Did a previous version allow saving the game?

* would be nice if you could cancel talking with an NPC. Several times, I ended up talking with the same person more than once, because I didn't remember who I had already talked to. The second time I talked to Laila, I repeatedly pressed the action key to get out. I ended up pressing one too many times, and talked to her a third time. Also, the talk bubbles reset when you exit and re-enter town.

* you have to press the action key several times / turn in a battle. This seems unnecessary, seeing as you usually want to do the same thing every time. I recommend having a system where you just have to select the enemy you want to attack. If you want to change options, such as use a different attack, you would press back, or menu, or something. I haven't quite figured out how to fit targeting a specific spot (head, abdomen, branches) into this scheme. I definitely think you have to press too many buttons in battle.

* in battle, you can attack dead enemies, which has no effect. It makes it that much slower to choose a target. Fortunately, the target I would choose is usually selected for me.

* it appears that the latest debian binary, which claims to be the latest version, actually is not. I was just looking at svn. I'll investigate further, and repost here if my experience is significantly different.

I mentioned that I'm considering joining, and adding to, allacrost. No promises yet. I haven't even looked at the code yet. The lua, yes, but not the code code.
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Postby gorzuate » Fri Sep 21, 2007 8:03 pm

The debian binary is the latest released version. Of course, the development trunk in SVN is more recent.

A lot of those issues we are already aware of, but thanks. Once upon a time we did have the ability to cancel out of dialogs, I remember because I implemented it, but I also recently noticed it was again missing. Not quite sure what happened there :huh:

As for writing maps, that ties in to documentation on how to use our editor, which has been on my todo list for quite a while now :heh:
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Postby Winter Knight » Fri Sep 21, 2007 8:18 pm

Yeah. After further investigation, I noticed that the debian binary is indeed the latest (released) version. It seems that you guys have made a lot of commits in the past few months.

A point that I forget to mention. The forums colors are ugly, and sometimes unreadable. I'm looking at "View more Emoticons" right now. It is light gray on light brown. When I signed up to these forums, I had to squint to make sure I clicked on "I am over 13 years old" and not under. Red on gray ("All times are GMT") is difficult to read as well.

As for being ugly, it is. Too much brown.

I haven't tried the other theme yet, but I assume it will only work when I am logged in anyway. The default theme needs to be readable, if not pretty.
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Postby Gallivan » Fri Sep 21, 2007 8:26 pm

Sorry about the emoticons page, I still have a few things to do regarding the forum theme so every page is readable. You'll notice the memberlist still needs a bit of touching up as well.

As for other themes, there is Athena which is white/black/blue if you prefer. If you have any suggestions as to other themes please let me know.

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