Are you interested in contributing your experience and talents to the Allacrost project? Here you'll find all the information you need to know to become a contributor and member of the team. All members work on a volunteer basis and there's no commitment to continue producing once a member has joined. We welcome both people who intend to work on a long-term basis and those who only wish to make a minor contribution or two.

Area of Work
As you might expect, various types of development are required to produce a game. Some members focus their work in only one of these areas, while others work in several. Below is a list of the primary areas where contributors work.

  • Artwork
  • Game Design
  • Music and Sound
  • Programming
  • Translation (from English to other languages)
  • Writing

Some members also volunteer for the project in a support role, assisting with administration and improvements to our website and various online services.

How to Join
There is no formal process to join the team. Allacrost is an open source project and our development model is open as well. We consider you a part of the team as soon as you make your first contribution. Therefore, your first objective should be to find where you can make your initial impact.

Finding Work
When you are starting out or looking for something new to work on, there are three places you can go to get these answers.

  1. Project Roadmap - Lists the project's current major release goals and a progress chart of what needs to be done to achieve it
  2. Issue Tracker - Primarily used for programmers and map designers to log bugs and create feature enhancement tasks
  3. Allacrost Design Forums - This section of our forums is where the vast majority of discussions take place regarding the game's development development. You can ask in the appropriate sub-forum here to be given a task to work on.

Here's the process we recommend following for potential contributors looking to join the team.

  1. First, skim through the roadmap to get a general idea of what we're working toward and what tasks generally needs the most work.
  2. Next, go to the forums, introduce yourself as a new contributor, and ask to be given a task.
  3. Someone will present you a short list of suitable tasks from which you can choose for your first contribution.

More Information
The following wiki page explains in much more detail about what to expect as an Allacrost team member or contributor. We highly recommend that you at least skim through this page, so you can learn what resources are available to you and how to get the most out of your experience. The bottom of this page includes introductory information that is more specific introductory for certain specialties. You really must read these pages if they are applicable to your area of work.

Contacting Us
If you have questions that you wish to ask about joining the team or making contributions, you can either post on the forums or send a private message to one of the team leaders there. You can also try catching us on our public chat channel, or try our IRC channel, #allacrost at