Rebuilding the team

Submitted by Roots on Tue, 10/21/2008 - 21:44

There's a problem with the application form we have listed on our contribute page. After filling in your app it will say:

Script Error.
View your Error Logs or activate script debugger.

We're working to get this fixed ASAP, sorry about that. We had tested it successfully a few days ago so I'm perplexed why its suddenly not working.

Once again we are looking for interested individuals to join our team. The size of our programming team has greatly diminished over the past few months and we really could use the extra help. We're looking to hire anywhere between 5 and 6 C++ programmers this time, which will double the size of our current programming department. As I mentioned in my blog entry about a week ago, we're trying something very different with our programming team than what we used to do. Requirements are at least an intermediate level of experience with C++ and the ability to communicate effectively and work within a team. Knowledge of Lua, OpenGL/OpenAL, and prior game development experience is preferred, but not required.

We're also looking to hire two team managers. We have no managers on the team right now and it really puts a lot of strain on our team, especially the programmers who usually pick up the slack under these circumstances. The role of team manager is not apparent so let me explain what we expect our managers to do. They do not just manage the team, but actively contribute to the game content as well. Responsibilities include designing maps, organizing game media, keeping track of the team's progress, administration of our online services, and writing scripts to direct scenes and actions in the game. I personally think its a really cool position because you take the code, art, music, and other content that have been produced and put it all together, kind of like directing a film. Its perfect for someone who is interested in game development but does not have the skills to create the art or code on their own.

If either of these two positions sound interesting to you, please head over to our Contribute page to find out how you can get involved with the project. I'd like to also mention that in the near future we are going to be seeking additional pixel artists and foley (sound) artists. The reason we're not directly recruiting for those positions now is that it can get pretty hectic during recruitment periods and we want to make sure we have the time to speak to everyone who is interested in joining us. However if you are a pixel or foley artist and know you really want to join this team, feel free to apply now anyway.